Imperfect People

Assisted dying has been legal since 2016. And then, in March of 2021, it expanded so that you no longer needed what was called a reasonably foreseeable natural death. . . In March of 2023 patients with only a mental disorder as the basis of their suffering can request and receive [assisted death] if they meet all the eligibility criteria.

I think we should go ahead and throw off a cliff everybody who isn’t completely healthy, happy and 100% productive all the time. Also, everybody who is imperfect in some way.

6 thoughts on “Imperfect People

  1. Yep! Why limit this “right-to-die” law to the mentally ill who actually >request< it?

    After all, if someone who’s inconvenient to care for is mentally impaired, they’re probably too confused or inarticulate to state what they really want. So do the humane thing, and go ahead and knock them off.


  2. I remember people were laughing at Sarah Palin when she talked about death panels. I realize the article is about Canada but I am not laughing anymore.


  3. I am not surprised: the Woke virus currently colonising and capturing all sites of institutional power in the Anglosphere and beyond is the vehicle of a culture of death which, in many cases, it sees as on a par with, or even better than, life.


  4. It’s the Cult of Perfect: there are people who believe they will somehow get to utopia, both now and in whatever may exist outside this life, as long as they commit no errors and suppress everyone else’s.

    If you want to see a particularly nasty and smug version of this, check out the “Less Wrong” people sometime.

    The absolute shit they gave someone with the nom de plume of “Roko” over what was essentially an open query and thought experiment should give you an idea of how that supposed utopia of theirs actually works.

    There’s a plurality of “basilisks” anyway, it’s not like “Roko” was doing anything but assembling all of the pieces in one place.

    Even an AI with the mind of a child could stack conceptual blocks.


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