Pleasure and Suffering

Short-term, easy pleasure leads to long-term, deep suffering while short-term suffering leads to long-term pleasure.

For the examples of the former, think smoking a cigarette or taking a hit of cocaine.

For the latter, think being pregnant and giving birth that leads to the most intense pleasure in life which is having children. Or something simpler, such as working out or learning another language.

10 thoughts on “Pleasure and Suffering

  1. Mindboggling downvotes: what’s wrong with these people? BD/SM aficionados? Oh no, I had forgotten: reality-denying social constructivists.


    1. The absolutist phrasing of the initial statement would make me downvote if the second half of the post wasn’t there.
      There are plenty of short-term, easy pleasures that build long-term, deep pleasures: dinner with an old friend, sex to become a parent, or taking a walk in a park, for example.

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      1. It’s because reader Avi pointed out the other end that there was a post that nobody downvoted. They took s holiday but are back on duty today.

        It’s always a mystery what they will particularly dislike at any given time. One would think this is the most anodyne, boring posts one could write but apparently not.

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    2. It doesn’t hold up to an encounter with modal logic.

      Possible? Yes.

      Necessary? Not likely.

      Contingent propositions? Wouldn’t make it universal, and they ensure that it isn’t.

      Changing the possible world? Doesn’t help.

      The moment you demonstrate the baseline condition as being omnipresent, you undermine any claims for the baseline condition being subject to time constraints.

      Plenty of people are addicted to long-term, deep suffering that gives them short-term suffering and short-term stimulation in manageable portions. (This is how I actually regard smoking, as an amortised payment schedule for long-term suffering producing a few piecemeal benefits in addition to short-term suffering.)

      And that’s just one of an entire class of disqualifiers.

      Suffering is built into the universe.

      The Buddhists had this right.

      The only people who seem to take it seriously professionally are the information theorists who have to deal with such things as the background radiation noise of the universe as a persistent irritant.

      Everyone else seems to want to change the conception of the possible world until it gives them some kind of pleasure, which is in and of itself its own form of suffering.

      If reading this has caused any suffering, I do not apologise for any of it and suggest you get used to more of it as a necessary condition of existence. 🙂

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