Told You So

At this point, all of my colleagues except one (who has a reason to want to live far away) have agreed that remote teaching has been an unqualified disaster for foreign languages. Students simply didn’t learn enough to pass to the next stage. Most of the learning in language courses happens through small group conversation practice in class, and there’s no way to make that happen on Zoom.

At least, people are not denying it now that it’s become obvious.

Students figured it out earlier, and in-person enrollments have been unusually high while Zoom enrollments are in the toilet.

3 thoughts on “Told You So

  1. In a separate but partly related news segment, I’ve just found out that Claudine Gay is to be Harvard’s next president. She is the founding chair of the school’s Inequality in America Initiative. The daughter of Haitian immigrants, her academic cursus honorum is as follows: Phillips Exeter Academy (high school), Stanford University (undergraduate degree), Harvard (doctoral studies). Her academic career: assistant professor at Stanford before joining the professorial ranks at Harvard in 2006: colour me surprised! This is someone who is either too obtuse or wilfully blind: where is the inequality in America on which she bases her research? She is the poster child incarnate of America as the land of opportunity and equality for all! I wonder, what lurid epic of oppression did she concoct for her admission essay to Stanford?
    If you don’t believe that there is a Woke cabal that has totally captured US academia, here’s proof. Look no further than Harvard’s Claudine Gay, she checks all the boxes: woman of colour with immigrant background. She looks queer, which helps. “Well done Claudine, wow, you’ve hit the jackpot of the Lottery of the Oppressed! Congratulations are in order.”


  2. “At this point, all of my colleagues …have agreed that remote teaching has been an unqualified disaster”

    I guess they’re working their way up to the really hard questions like whether or not 2 + 2 = 4, where large mammals of the family Ursidae defecate or what the religious affiliation of Jorge Mario Bergoglio is…

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