Long-awaited Books

In what concerns book reviews, I don’t get the sentence “a long-awaited debut by a new author.” How come people have been waiting for something that nobody knew was going to happen?

I started reading one such “long-awaited debut” yesterday, and it’s a fine novel. A cute, comforting mommy-lit book. But I almost didn’t pick it up at the store because of the gushy “long-awaited” statements on the cover. They always hint that the book is ideological. Thankfully, in this particular novel, the ideological component seems to reside in the author’s race and not the text of the novel.


3 thoughts on “Long-awaited Books

  1. Silly Clarissa, this is about class!

    In which “a long awaited debut by a new author” means the same thing as “People Like Us knew about this work in progress long before you, and you should now grovel before us and the author, you horrid little pleb”.

    Now in keeping with certain comments made recently, I’d like to know about this author’s “long-suffering reviewers” who are apparently gifted with such prizes as these. 🙂

    [to be filed under “Are We Cool Yet?”]


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