Benefits of Old Motherhood

Today, three minutes before having to rush out to Klara’s school, I discovered that the Christmas gift we are bringing to her school party should be wrapped and not placed in a gift bag. And I’m a really bad wrapper of gifts.

Fifteen years ago, I’d freak out. Ten years ago I’d get massively annoyed. But now I’m too old for all that. Being an old mother definitely has it’s positives. I’m so even-tempered and laid back, it’s amazing. There are simply no emotions left for small annoyances at this age.


3 thoughts on “Benefits of Old Motherhood

  1. Why does it have to be wrapped?? What a strange requirement. I’m also a horrid wrapper. My husband wraps all the gifts (and enjoys it, cannot fathom this) and I do bags only.


    1. Apparently, there’s very little space under the tree, so gift bags aren’t allowed.

      In hell, I’ll be tortured by having to wrap an endless procession of strangely shaped boxes.


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