Merry Christmas!


8 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Great drawing, Clarissa! With its skillfully drawn, utterly contrasting foreground and background images, it really grabs my attention.

    Whatever the intent of the actual artist (ref: your earlier post “Authorial Intentions”), to me it shows the power of the traditional Christmas theme (the assumed divine holy birth of the “Prince of Peace”) to bring at least a momentary pause in the violence and hatred on the world’s real and symbolic battlefields, if only for a day or so before the vision fades, and the fighting among men resumes.

    So tonight while this tenuous peaceful pause holds, a heartfelt “Merry Christmas!” from me to you and everyone on your website.

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  2. Looks like Russia will soon declare the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem as its own property too. Look, it’s almost funny:

    // The Kremlin demanded on Sunday that Israel hand over ownership to Russia, of three churches located on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.

    the Church of Mary Magdalene, Chapel of the Ascension, and the Viri Galilaei Church

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has also demanded an end to the litigation preventing the transfer of the Alexander Nevsky Church, in the Old City, after commitments made by Benjamin Netanyahu during a previous term as prime minister.

    If somebody forgot why Nevsky Church was promised to Russians in the 1st place:

    “The holy site originally hit the headlines in 2019, after Naama Issachar was imprisoned in Moscow due to possession of cannabis on Russian territory. In order to release the young Israeli, Netanyahu promised Putin the Alexander Nevsky Church.”

    Since fooling terrorists isn’t against any normal country’s laws, I am OK with false promise to Putin.


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