Wide Open

I especially like it when the open Southern border is linked to aid to Ukraine. The border has been open for years. It was open all through the “build the wall” presidency. It was open during Obama. Open during Bush. Open during Clinton. And really open during Reagan. There was no Ukraine as a country during Reagan, so something else must have been to blame.

Yes, right now the border is open in a really crazy way. But there’s nothing anybody will do about it. Have you been to a restaurant lately? Any restaurant, fast-food, casual, fancy, locally owned, a chain, any kind. Have you noticed anything? There are no workers. Everything is slow or doesn’t happen at all. Even at $25 per hour for unskilled workers with no experience, you can’t find people. Where I live, the local landmark restaurant that stayed open during COVID and defied the governor had to close because there’s nobody to work. They survived COVID only to go out of business right after.

I have no idea why this is happening but with the terrible shortage of unskilled labor, there’s zero chance anybody is going to crack down on an incoming flow of unskilled labor. If it didn’t happen during the high unemployment of 2009-10, why would it happen now? I’m not saying, mind you, that it’s a good solution. I don’t think it is. But it’s clearly the solution that was chosen and is being implemented. This is about Ukraine like I’m about to jump out of the window.

You can’t solve a problem that you haven’t diagnosed. And we are being distracted from doing exactly that by silly slogans and false analogies. No wonder that decades go by while the problem remains.

9 thoughts on “Wide Open

  1. Good point Clarissa. I think this explains very well why these migrants are just being let in. The fact of the matter is we REALLY need this labor right now as you mention.
    My hope is that it could be done in an orderly and legal way, but that seems to much of an ask nowadays.


  2. Independently of the American border situation, Australia, Canada, and Britain are all planning to take in hundreds of thousands of immigrants, and in every case it’s to fill supposed job vacancies, and in every case there is going to be a lack of infrastructure (above all, housing) for the new arrivals. So there has to be some common macro imperative at work, but I’m not sure it only boils down to post-Covid loss of work ethic.

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    1. Yep. It won’t work, it will create more problems that it will solve, it will be very destabilizing for both the sending and the receiving countries. And still it will be done because there’s absolutely no political will anywhere to do anything about it. Voters everywhere are desperate for a solution but they can’t find a politician to represent them.

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  3. “I especially like it when the open Southern border is linked to aid to Ukraine.”

    Yes, I’ve observed for years that a common trick of pundits is to take two unrelated situations and present them as stark “EITHER/OR” options:

    EITHER we provide aid to Ukraine, OR we address our immigration problems. (Somehow, we can’t do both at the same time.)

    EITHER we beat the Russians to the moon, OR we deal with the race riots in California.

    EITHER we ignore the fact that Biden is senile, OR we turn the world over to Trump and Putin.

    Etc. etc. The setup is very old, but never ceases to be popular.

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    1. So who’s the clown who gave Clarissa and me a “thumbs down” rating for our innocuous comments?

      Does he/she have a legitimate disagreement with our opinions, or is he/she — or “they,” by the standards of today’s illiterate grammar — just being a troll?


  4. “the terrible shortage of unskilled labor”

    Well considering how long the border has been de facto open…. the people pouring in aren’t actually working (at least not where they’re intended). I’m reminded of Germany taking in hundreds of thousands of migrants with very little in the way of education or western social skills hoping they’d fill skilled positions…
    What are they doing instead? Welfare? Underground employment in…. what? Drugs? Private service?


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