New Year’s Food Prep

I’m doing intermittent fasting and keto for the epic New Year’s feast we are planning.


This is the traditional Ukrainian cold meat in jelly called holodets’. It’s different from the Russian version in that the jelly is clear and almost transparent while the Russian is more cloudy.

In the meantime, the non-dieters in the household will be eating the salad called “Chrysanthemum.” Potatoes, Christmas turkey leftovers, cucumbers, boiled eggs, corn, and cheese:


Of course, my absolute favorite is the traditional Ukrainian kulish:


Kulish is supposed to be cooked outside, on an open fire, which gives it a beautiful, smoky flavor. This time, however, we didn’t bother because it takes forever to wash the soot off the pot. Kulish has ham, chicken, potatoes, egg and millet. It’s like a very thick soup or a watered down porridge. Unfortunately, it’s the opposite of keto.


8 thoughts on “New Year’s Food Prep

  1. A small tip that you may have not tried………If you rub Dawn dish soap (has to be Dawn and not another brand) on the bottom and outside of your pot before you put it on the fire, the soot comes off easily afterwards. 🙂

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  2. Lovely food, as always! I’m going to do an el and post off-topic. What do you think about this? Am I wrong for thinking that instructors shouldn’t be snooping around in private student spaces?

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    1. This is a person who clearly has no background in pedagogy or psychology. She shouldn’t be teaching. A minimally competent teacher knows (or intuits) that students need their space, that the narratives they construct about the teacher have absolutely nothing to do with the teacher, and instead are a way of interacting with the material.

      This is why the first thing we are taught in pedagogy courses is not to hover around students during breaks or before the class starts. “It’s better to be late than to be early” is what we say. Also, “students’ time together without the presence of the professor is sacred.”

      Unfortunately, many people who teach college get no training in pedagogy. I wriggle in vicarious embarrassment when I read this kind of tweets.


        1. It may be unreasonable, but it’s not unexpected.

          Student activism has been terrorising professors for quite a while now, so why would it be unexpected for the cycle to push back the other way?

          An authoritarian pedagogical style doesn’t help with kicking the entire thing into motion.

          An authoritarian learning style may come into place to match it.

          In this situation, there are few innocents, mostly survivors and opportunists.


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