Navalny’s Cockroaches

A great thread about Navalny by Kamil Galeev:

I’ve been repeating all this for years. The love affair of Western liberals with Navalny is disturbing. The same people who bleat non-stop about anti-racism are in love with a guy who sieg-heiled at brownshirt rallies and referred to non-white individuals as cockroaches who need to be squashed. It beggars belief.

You need to really lose all touch with reality to find imaginary neo-Nazis around every corner in the US and fail to notice a very sincere and real one in Russia.

Galeev is absolutely right to compare Navalny with the Rwandan Radio Mille Collines. It’s not even similar rhetoric. It’s the exact same one.

3 thoughts on “Navalny’s Cockroaches

  1. I wonder just how much Navalny will try to distance himself from these past views and remarks of his if he will ever come to power in Russia. Because Yes, I do agree that his views and statements were just awful. 😦


  2. It’s a shame Russian leaders are so putrid. I wonder what it’s going to take for Russians to start developing good leaders. Maybe their leaders are just a reflection of their troubled society.

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