Compassion for Marxism

If you never felt any compassion for Marxism, you will do now:


11 thoughts on “Compassion for Marxism

  1. I just finished reading Peter Krass’ biography of Andrew Carnegie. If you want to convince people to become socialists, it makes sense to talk about working men burned to death by molten steel in Carnegie’s plants and the striking workers in Homestead who were shot by hired security agents. It was certainly not absurd in 1890 to imagine that, if the government seized control over those mills, they could run them in a more human fashion. Compared with that, the travails of transexuals seem rather petty. Furthermore, what exactly is the government supposed to seize to make a more just world for transexuals, trans kids?

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    1. Well, the government could always seize the sex organs, remove them and then reassign it according to its greater wisdom. Genital redistribution instead of wealth redistribution.


    2. I suppose after transitioning to non-binary Marxism, they can discover that socialism and libertarianism are not the only possibilities and learn about occupational safety regulations.

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      1. Well, you know how Marx was originally Marc but then he decided to become non-binary?

        I guess it’s like that.

        [I plagiarized the joke from social media.]


  2. Seems like a logical extension of standard Marxism. Huge amounts of jargon which doesn’t add up to very much.


  3. Nope, sorry, that’s disgust I’m continuing to feel for Marxism.

    I feel even more disgust for the author who is clearly faking it by using ChatGPT, assuming that the author is not some kind of Turing Test Failure who is indistinguishable from ChatGPT already.

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