Welcome to Spain

Exactly 5 hours after N bought my tickets to Spain, the conference organizers decided to reschedule for 3 weeks earlier. Spain, as we all know, is different.

N takes the management of my travel very seriously. Weeks go into meticulous planning of every detail. How will I get to the airport? How long is the layover? Is there a map of the airport clearly showing where to leave the luggage at the airport if I want to venture into the city during the layover? What transportation can I take? Is there a lounge? How do I access it? Which card should I use at which point of travel?

I felt so guilty, I almost didn’t tell him the conference date was changed. I did, in the end, because I really want to be at that conference.

For the second part of the trip, which almost became the only part, I’m planning to sit on a mountain in San Sebastian and stare at the cold sea.


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