Scary Screen

I almost gave my husband a heart attack, people. He got a flat screen TV for my room for New Year’s. And I connected it to my cloud so that when I pause it, random photos from my cloud appear on the screen.

Apparently, N had no idea this was an option. Yesterday he came into my room and started talking to me. All of a sudden, his face went blank, with a sort of a frozen, terrorized look. He pointed to the screen and croaked, “Who is that?”

“It’s your daughter Klara,” I said.

“How did she get there??” the poor man asked.

Imagine seeing your own child on TV all of a sudden. That could be very disturbing.


3 thoughts on “Scary Screen

  1. “He pointed to the screen and croaked, “Who is that?””

    On the one hand…. not recognizing a picture of his daughter…. or you…. or himself even, seems totally on brand.
    But…. he’s undoubtedly brilliant from what you write but how…. fast does his brain work?
    Even a stupid technoprole like myself would only need about two seconds to put together – familiar on picture on screen of family member….. cloud!
    At some point his head needs to be looked at by teams of scientists….

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    1. Honestly, it could be the context. I often can’t immediately recognize someone I see every day at work if I run into them in the store, for example. It’s almost like because your brain doesn’t expect to see someone you know, it doesn’t register that who you’re looking at isn’t a stranger. Though they can look very familiar.


    2. When we talk, I never know if he’s going to respond because it takes him a long time to formulate an answer. Sometimes he answers long after I moved on and forgot the question.

      We are so different that we’ll never stop being fascinating to each other.


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