Familiar Narrative

Absolutely true. I’m for freedom of speech, so I don’t want Tucker to be silenced or censored in any way. But people need to be aware of what they are listening to. If they still want to hear it, great.

It’s very entertaining to watch how both the wokesters and the anti-wokesters diligently copy Soviet ideas and slogans, thinking that they’ve invented something new. This is an enormous failure of our education system that people sincerely perceive this Brezhnev-era narratives as something fresh and subversive.

Who was it that said the US won the Cold War? Whoever it was had absolutely no idea.


2 thoughts on “Familiar Narrative

  1. I don’t do TV, or anything made for TV.

    I did watch a couple of TC’s monologues online just to see what the hype was about. He seems very artificial, and my attention quickly wanders. I don’t think this is a feature of me having a short attention span. I have no problem listening to, say, a 3hr Rogan interview with somebody interesting.

    People reading for news programs have so many weird trained mannerisms and cadences. It’s like some kind of American kabuki. I think you have to grow up with it to be acclimated enough that you don’t notice it and find it strange and off-putting, and my family didn’t have a TV so… it’s still foreign to me.

    As a joke, sometimes I try to read stories to the kids in the “newscaster cant”. The kids are not amused.


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