Literary Recipe: Neapolitan Eggs

I have no idea how Neapolitan this recipe is. I found it in a Russian-language police procedural. The protagonist is notoriously bad at cooking, which is why the recipe is mega simple.

Mix cooked rice with a lot of pressed garlic and butter. Arrange boiled eggs nicely and cover each with some butter. Plonk it all in the oven for 20 minutes. That’s it!

Of course, being myself, I also added tiny noodles, grated cheese, allspice and paprika. But none of it is necessary according to the recipe.

Don’t forget to be very generous with the garlic. It’s more important to the recipe than the eggs. I ate this dish with large raw radishes, which lightens up the flavor.


2 thoughts on “Literary Recipe: Neapolitan Eggs

  1. My wife wants to know what Russian police procedural literary work this came from. She was a librarian in real life.

    Will reply to your new site tomorrow

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    1. It’s from a book by Aleksandra Marinina. There’s a novel in her series about Anastasia Kamenskaya where the main character is learning to cook, so there are recipes. Another recipe from that book is called “marinated fish Greek style.” I’m going to try that next.


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