Identical People

A colleague stops me after a meeting and exclaims, “I met your best friend Jo-Jo! We had such a nice conversation about you.”

“Lester,” I say, “I don’t have a friend called Jo-Jo. Nothing even close.”

“Really??” asks Lester. “That’s weird.”

Two weeks later, we have another meeting of the same committee.

After the meeting, I stop to chat with a colleague named Peter.

“Peter!” Lester exclaims when he sees us together. “I talked with your best friend Jo-Jo but I completely confused you and Clarissa!”

Peter and I stare at each other in amazement. He’s male, black, tall, and definitely not Ukrainian.

“How, Lester?” Peter and I ask. “How could you possibly confuse us?”

“Oh, it’s because you both wear a lot of pale blue,” says Lester who teaches painting. “You always look so similar.”


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