Bring Your Languages

Can anybody put me out of my misery already and post a comment on the Ukrainian blog? It can be in any language. How great would it be to have comments in several different languages? Extremely great.

The url is Can you imagine how pathetic it feels to be the only commenter on your own blog?


6 thoughts on “Bring Your Languages

  1. Oh, I went to your Ukrainian Lit blog the other day when you first alerted your readers here and wanted to write something but I didn’t think that one could use other languages other than Ukrainian. Good to know.

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  2. 温かい歓迎の日本語での投稿。
    でも英語でOK。 🙂


    砂原良徳 (SUNAHARA Yoshinori) – “Theme From Take Off”
    (… search for this on YouTube, can’t embed the link?)



  3. Apparently both blogs hate Japanese with YouTube links.

    This previous comment eventually posted without the link and over at the Ukraine lit blog it went into moderation.

    So maybe nihongo de not-so-OK? 🙂


  4. “on the Ukrainian blog”

    I won’t post that there, but here I’ll mention that I started the duolingo (I know…) Ukrainian just to get a feel for some of the basics (I knew some but thought it might be useful increase that). I soon came to the conclusion that it’s exactly the wrong distance from Polish to be able to keep the both of them straight in any kind of active, coherent way.
    This isn’t an issue for native speakers of Slavic languages but for non-natives they interfere with each other in weird, weird ways, much weirder than Romance languages.
    The final straw was finding out that the Ukrainian for “man and wife” (mąż i żona in Polish) was “чоловік і дружина” which looks an awful lot like “człowiek i drużyna” in Polish (lit: human being and (sports) team).
    I’m still passively picking up bits and pieces of passive written Ukrainian (your blog is great for that) but active use…. not so much.

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    1. It’s so beautiful that you are learning some Ukrainian!

      Languages do push each other out. I can’t speak French because whenever I try, Spanish words crowd out the French.


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