An Illustration

And here’s another illustration of what I’m saying. A middle-aged couple was banned from Airbnb because their adult daughter has un-PC political views. Today it’s parents, tomorrow it will be the neighbors who never talked to her at all:

Wasn’t it better when things were about profit extraction, pure and simple?


4 thoughts on “An Illustration

  1. Is that legal?

    I can almost see the rationale if they had proven that the parents had rented on her behalf. Not for her particular case, but because there are definitely freaks out there who’ve been banned from such services because they caused damage or did illegal things with the rental… and then continued that behavior by getting friends, relatives, etc. to proxy-rent for them.

    So… completely unjustifiable for political discrimination. But I can see how pre-existing rules might, possibly, have been bent to the purpose.


    1. …but on second thought, everything I’ve heard about AirBnB says they willingly turn a blind eye to prostitutes, drug dealers, and package-scammers operating out of their rentals, so the fact that they discriminate on politics is pretty brazen.

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  2. I’ve had this happen to me.

    No details, just that most of the time it’s because of a notorious relative and the rest of the time it’s very country-specific as to what my father did to a certain relative of the head of government.

    But Airbnb’s horrid because you can’t even rent from them with a copy of your police record and your passport, which would actually be one document too many for most hotels.

    They want you to link some semblance of “social media” to your account.

    I don’t have one, I don’t want one, and as for any incompetent would-be Colombo who’s poking around in my life?

    Let’s just say that my father would overwhelmingly approve. 🙂


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