Magical Thinking

The problem with the movie To Leslie is its investment into magical mentality. If you are a raging alcoholic who abandoned your small child because of your addiction, steals from relatives, prostitutes yourself, and ended up in the streets, do you know what you need to do? Just quit! Easy-peasy! Gosh, I wonder why all homeless addicts don’t do it. Maybe nobody told them it’s as easy as that.

If you are a falling-down, slobbering drunk, don’t worry! A good man is bound to fall in love with you and solve all your problems.

If you drank away all your money and became homeless, it’s fine. You’ll be offered a job with room and board. And don’t worry about being too much of a mess to show up to work. The job will still be there waiting for you as you barf your guts out during hangover.

If you are a minimum-wage motel maid, that’s not a big deal. Just save money and open your own business. It will only take a few months to save up to open your own diner.

The smug, clueless entitlement of the people who make such movies really gets to me.


One thought on “Magical Thinking

  1. ” its investment into magical mentality”

    I read the plot synopsis (since I don’t really care about spoilers) and it seemed like a bunch of scenes must have been cut….
    I do think it’s possible for even the most messed up to get their acts together to some degree but it’s a long, hard struggle not just deciding to quite at some arbitrary moment.
    That might have been an interesting movie… start just before the turning point and then follow her struggles, failures and successes as she regains some degree of dignity and control and tries to mend relations.
    But I think they wanted to show her flailing around (misery porn) and just tacked on a magic rabbit ending.


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