Ukrainian Qualities

At my class on semantic fields, I found out that Ukrainians are:

– obsessed with freedom and incapable not only of following rules but intellectually processing their existence

– extremely passionate and totalizing in their feelings (Demon Copperhead is a work of genius! The Poisonwood Bible is complete dreck!)

– low-anxiety

– messy, all over the place, the opposite of meticulous

– extremely loyal but incapable of forgiving what they see as betrayal

– very stubborn

– capable of such intense enjoyment (including of very trivial aspects of life) that others think they are mental.

I feel very understood. All of these qualities are both bad and good. But they are very real and very mine.


5 thoughts on “Ukrainian Qualities

    1. I was going to post this very poem for you today but got distracted. I’m so glad you found it!

      In other news, I went into a little store in Salamanca that surprisingly had a whole shelf of products with names in Hebrew. I didn’t even know what many of the products were. I wish I thought of taking a photo. I’m severely jet-lagged and loopy.


  1. Have recently seen an article on Israeli (!) news site about a female Ukrainian rapper alyona alyona . What I found interesting was the idea of adopting Western trends to one’s own national mentality, instead of slavishly copying:

    “a lot of female rap went in the direction of ‘I’m a bitch, I have style,’ and that’s very far from the Ukrainian mentality, it’s not related to us. I didn’t choose this path, I put more emphasis on the flow; fast, cool, interesting and melodic.

    It is important to me to be part of the culture I come from.”

    I don’t like rap, but this song seems good and thought you may be interested:

    alyona alyona x Jerry Heil – Екзамен

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