National Divorce or Individual Choice?

In the completely unrealistic scenario of “a national divorce”, the resulting ideologically homogenous countries would once again become extremely polarized over some new set of issues. It would take a few months at most to achieve the same or higher levels of polarization.

MTG is a cognitively challenged individual and I wouldn’t make fun of a person with an intellectual disability if I didn’t see people with no cognitive issues express the same idea about the “national divorce.” That anybody would think narcissistic wounds can be healed by isolating the wounded from reality is very strange. No, unpleasant as it must be to the afflicted, the constant exposure to the world’s complexity is the only remedy.

I have reached a stage in life that when I watch movies or shows I loved 20 years ago, the actors who seemed old back then have suddenly become alarmingly young. When I re-watched “Pride and Prejudice” mini-series from the 1990s, however, Jennifer Ehle who plays Elizabeth Bennet didn’t look young. This wasn’t because of anything to do with her appearance but because of the amazing self-control of her character she so beautifully portrayed. Elizabeth is a passionate person yet her sense of dignity and propriety serve as a corset to keep her passions from being destructive. As a result of knowing how to contain herself, she’s a happy person who can be at peace even when her life is uncertain and her desires are thwarted. Again, Ehle’s superb acting shows how indestructible Elizabeth’s inner source of deep contentment is.

There’s an enormous distance separating Elizabeth Bennet from the endlessly squealing, self-pitying and infantilized MTGs and AOCs who think it’s cute to act like little girls well into their middle age and who are incapable of exercising self-control. Some outside force is always to blame for their unhappiness. The whole country must be at fault for the misery of the perennially inflamed MTG and AOC. The trouble is always “systemic”, “national” or even “global.” That MTG and AOC themselves might simply try to get themselves in check and stop freaking out simply never occurs.


12 thoughts on “National Divorce or Individual Choice?

  1. OT: Not sure if this is true, but hilarious if it is…. (and how did security checks not pick up on this?)


      1. “If itโ€™s the same dress”

        Some were saying it’s sideways (her right shoulder matches the front). Or he could have used her dress as a guide to get a knock off made….


  2. In this case, she could be the voice of sanity, except she isn’t.

    The reality of the situation is that a “national divorce” wouldn’t be tolerated by The Current Regime in DC because it wasn’t tolerated during the Lincoln regime.

    Lots of Presidents have shown their willingness to embrace genocide of Americans besides Lincoln: Jackson and Grant come to mind first.

    And so any talk about a “national divorce” is really meant to draw out all of the people who would support it so … yeah, do you now see what purpose she’s serving?

    The US isn’t going to get either a “national divorce” or “individual choice”.

    Instead, everything will collapse gradually, then quickly, as the regime can’t convince enough competent people to support it for the little things that make the bigger things possible.

    It’s a funny thing about how competence matters.

    On the way there, we will have the usual historical ritual bloodlettings, which of course the Pineland Resistance Movement will wholeheartedly support.

    BTW, I don’t give a dram of a damn whether it’s “the same dress”, it’s the fact that The Current Regime in DC let this mental defective into public office in the first place.

    Anyone else remember the scene at the dam in “Force 10 From Navarone”?

    Well, what did you expect with a few calculated infiltrations and a few scandals? An Earth-Shattering Kaboom(TM)? ๐Ÿ™‚

    It takes more than a few cross-dressing luggage thieves to take down a regime of this size.

    Be patient.


    1. As I told my Spanish colleagues yesterday, “what I love the most about Americans is that they are such drama queens that even I look measured and calm by their side.” :-)))


    2. Lincoln didn’t embrace “genocide of Americans,” he was fighting to keep the Union together and also to end slavery. That the southern nations decided to secede and go to war over it was their fault.

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      1. I find the word “genocide” to be very overused to the point where people are complete desensitized to it and yawn at actual genocide. Also, it’s often applied retroactively to the times in history where it made absolutely no sense.

        The same is true with “human rights.” Or “country.” For example, I often hear that “Columbus invaded the indigenous countries and committed genocide.’ every word in this sentence is stupid except for Columbus and “the’.


        1. It’s right up there with “decimated”. Drives me batty– it means killing one in ten, but everybody using it now thinks it means something much bigger, like killing everything. Now when I run across that word, my brain switches the whole comment/article to “ignore: written by illiterates”. “Genocide” has much the same effect– hit that word in anything written recently, and you can pretty much dismiss everything else the person is saying. They’re not serious.

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          1. I recently was accused of supporting genocide when I mildly opposed changing the national anthem of Canada to a woker version. People really love their hyperbole.


            1. Hyperbole’s great if you’re after comic effect. Best treat everyone using “genocide” inappropriately as a comic who’s just had a joke fall completely flat.


          2. I didn’t know that about decimated as a word. But yeah, in general parlance, it has basically just come to mean clobbered or destroyed.


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