COVID Dandelions

In order to pay for the stimulus checks, the “free” vaccines, the “free” COVID tests, etc, the US government had to print a lot of money. That freshly printed money made the money already in existence less valuable. When there’s more of something, it loses value. Dandelions aren’t nearly as valuable as diamonds.

Since a dollar is worth less, you need more dollars than before to buy the same thing. That’s called inflation.

I’ve made some calculations, and my single “free” vaccine shot has already cost me thousands. Knowing what we know now, wouldn’t we have preferred to pay $30 for the vaccines or the tests?

I don’t want to discuss the advisability of the vaccines right now but the issue of what these “free” things ultimately cost. We’ve lived with the Universal Basic Income (aka COVID stimulus checks) for a little over a year. And look at the results. We are all poorer and more precarious.


3 thoughts on “COVID Dandelions

  1. This is exactly what people arguing against lockdowns were trying to warn about. This was an obvious and predictable outcome. The last three years have been the biggest wealth transfer in human history.

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  2. Yep. Every dang day, doing everything we can to save money, and slowly losing all hope of ever being able to buy a house… even though our income now is double what it was a few years ago.

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  3. Given the way the government has been “helping” people with their lockdowns and money printing, I guess Carter was onto something.


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