Punishment for Good Intentions

Out of the goodness of my heart, I agreed to serve as a judge for the graduate research showcase. My kind intentions were immediately punished. One of the students assigned to me will be presenting on how the USSR liberated the Nazi Baltics in 1940.

I had no idea that there were people on campus whose research aims to praise the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact. I would have been quite content to continue existing in that happy ignorance.

9 thoughts on “Punishment for Good Intentions

  1. I am about to teach about the Teheran and Yalta Conferences. We can trust Stalin to allow fair elections to decide if the Baltic States want to join the USSR. :p

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  2. Wow! Somebody really had an injection of some weird shit.

    You may tell the presenter that this Russian speaker from on of the Baltic countries never heard before of “Liberating Nazi Baltics” in 1940. I heard of the Russians liberating Baltics from the Nazis in 1944 (which has some merit), but in 1940 the Soviets liberated them from their own governments… Tried to “liberate” Finland too…


    1. Even the official Soviet history / propaganda never called Baltic pre-war governments “Nazis”, they called them “bourgeois-nationalists”…

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      1. This graduate student uses the words “nationalism” and “Nazism” pretty much interchangeably. I’m very eager to meet her thesis advisor. We need to have an urgent conversation.


  3. This reminds me of an article I read years ago about the German invasion of Russia in World War II. The article was written by a retired Wehrmacht officer, and it expressed sincere regret that Germany had “thrown away the chance given her by fate to liberate the Russian people from Communism.”


  4. OT (sort of): An interesting thread on that ‘russkij mir’ we keep hearing about. It jibes with my limited experience pretty well….

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