Markets Everywhere

It isn’t market deregulation or downsizing the government that’s scary. These have both positive and negative sides that can be debated. What creates really bad consequences is

expanding the market relations into realms considered non-market realms such as family, marriage, and education.

Gary Gerstle, The Rise and Fall of the Neoliberal Order

Children become a lifestyle choice on par with any other. Romantic partners turn into a burden because there’s always a shiny new “experience” beckoning. Even life itself is evaluated on the basis of a cost-benefit ratios.

But the scariest of all, people start seeing themselves as machines. Any unproductive emotion is hunted and eradicated. Grief, sadness, pain – everything is medicated away in a rush to restore maximum efficiency.

An actual market is great. A market economy is fantastic, take it from somebody who actually experienced the alternative. It’s turning love, children, family, and self into a market that’s disturbing. And immoral.


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