Why Neoliberalism Is So Enjoyable

What people often forget to mention is that neoliberalism is powerful because it’s extremely attractive. It can make people feel really good. This is why it doesn’t need to be imposed by any disciplinarian authority. People freely choose it because it’s fun.

For one, it gives you a sense of purpose. And it’s not only a large, overarching sense of purpose which is not that hard to find anyway but the daily sense of purpose that can motivate you to get up early in the morning, exercise, eat healthy and do your best work.

You know this annoyingly precious expression “living my best life”? It sounds tacky but it’s exactly how it feels to be in the neoliberal mindset. It’s hugely energizing.

Being an entrepreneur of self requires paying minute attention to that self. This is also deeply enjoyable. One feels massively important and endlessly capable.

The contrast between the energized, capable winners and the whiny, helpless victims of damaged identities is also pleasant. The widely accepted idea that one is irreparably damaged by something his ancestors might have experienced centuries ago makes the joy of overcoming real challenges today doubly attractive.


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