Psychological Warfare

Russians release videos of atrocities they commit at strategic moments. The atrocities are a daily occurrence but the release of the videos is always timed.

Here’s what explains the explosion in torture and beheading videos right now:

The Russian offensive that started in November failed. It failed so badly that even domestically it can’t be sold as anything but a mega defeat. The only person on the planet who still believes this offensive can be turned around is Tucker Carlson.

Now Ukraine is preparing a counteroffensive. Russians are terrified of it. All they talk about on their propaganda TV is this counteroffensive. So they engage in psychological warfare to sap Ukrainians’ psychological resources by releasing these videos. Ukrainians get angry, they feel devastated, and leek energy.

There’s a lesson in this. People who want to take away something important from us always try to sap our energy first. They do outrageous things, we react angrily, and then they are in a stronger position to go after what they really want.

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