Language Games

The words “transition” and “detransition” are very misleading. I just saw posts on Twitter by a young man who had his penis removed. Willingly and past the age of 18 but still, it’s impossible not to feel sad for him. He didn’t transition into anything. He simply became a guy without a penis.

Now he realized it was a terrible mistake and wants to “detransition.” But it’s impossible. He will now forever remain a guy without a penis.

We don’t have to speak the tortured language of people who refuse to accept material reality. It becomes so much clearer when you describe exactly what happened without meaningless terminology. A man had his penis and testicles cut off. Let’s not play language games.

2 thoughts on “Language Games

  1. I think we have an English word, a perfectly apt ancient one that doesn’t obfuscate what people like this are:eunuch. Like you say, this man is not a woman, the correct English pronouns applying to him will always be he him and his; as in he is a deluded wretch, and the deranged hysterically coercive project to force everyone to participate in his ridiculous narcissistic delusion is absurd and pathetic.

    Not using the correct words to describe him is prevaricating cruelty. The only thing that may save people like him is the truth that they are so frantically avoiding. It is therefore imperative that we insist on testifying to the truth in all times and seasons by using correct words, in order that those who have ears to hear may discern, receive it and be saved.


  2. I have chatted a bit with a fellow who went through with that. He regrets it, and simply calls himself a eunuch now. That was a designation every ancient Roman understood, and seems ready for re-introduction.


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