13 thoughts on “Birthday Plan

  1. I knew that had to be some reason for my liking most of what you write.

    We are both Aries, having similar strengths and weaknesses. Like you my birthday was on the 11th and I just did what I usually do.

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    1. I found that the best partners in life , love and work for Aries are Taurus because nobody else is stubborn enough to withstand our pushiness. 🙂


  2. “I’ll just do what I always do”

    I think this is one of those life milestones…. where the best possible birthday is just like any other day (maybe with a cake, cake is always welcome) but without having any need to either make a big fuss over it or ignore it completely – a regular nice day…. with cake (preferably red velvet).

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    1. Forget cake. I’m having a large steak. 😁

      I also have a pre-birthday outfit, a birthday outfit, and a post-birthday outfit. So all bases are covered, whatever that means.


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