2 thoughts on “Deaf and Loud

  1. “deaf … most boisterous, loud person ever”

    Overcoming communication barriers is something most deaf people deal with on a daily basis for their whole lives. It’s not surprising that they get really good at it and develop great communicative skills in general and a select group can make an overwhelming impression.
    Does your university offer ASL? Usually when that happens it’s not in a ‘foreign language’ department but attached to English or Phonetics or Education…
    If you weren’t so overloaded already I’d suggest learning a little… it will turn your world upside down…

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    1. No, we don’t offer ASL for credit. But I’m trying to create an ASL program at our department. The administration says they are even supportive of an ASL minor. It will be taught as a regular language. We already have a program and syllabi. (Not created by me, obviously).

      So I guess I’ll be learning a lot because this is my big new project. 🙂


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