Free to Invent

You get so used to having all of your time outside of work claimed by a child that it becomes a way of life. And then all of a sudden, the child is 7 and tells you in a tolerant way, “I’m busy right now, Mommy, but I’ll play with you later.” Which, by the way, I never said to her in her life.

As a result of suddenly free morning, I invented a new breakfast recipe. I thought it would be absolute garbage but it turned out surprisingly delicious. I cracked two eggs into 1/3 cup of ryazhenka (US alternative is kefir), mixed it with a teaspoon of flour, added a handful of chopped up ginger, some shredded carrots, sunflower shoots and cumin seeds. Then I cooked it as an omelet. The carrots and the shoots only have time to cook a bit, so they remain firm and balance out the mushiness of everything else.

I don’t have a picture because ryazhenka is beige, and that makes the result look nothing special. But it tasted phenomenal.


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