Great Achievements

#MeToo brought this while George Floyd brought an explosion in black victims of homicides. And this result was easily predictable all along because of how the cause was defined.

7 thoughts on “Great Achievements

  1. And if they will ever go to prison for this, I would presume that they will insist on going to the female prison rather than to the male prison, right?

    I wonder if they would ever be interested in surgical transition or whether they’re simply trans for the sake of convenience.


  2. They used to have to climb on top of the lockers and drill holes through the wall to peep. Now they can do it with the full support of the district. yay.

    I can see the very clear roadmap from here to simply cutting all the funding for any kind of Phys ed. or sports in schools, because “this generation of kids just isn’t interested”

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  3. They keep saying this kind of thing would never really happen… and yet, somehow…. it keeps happening….


  4. The west is really done with women in public…. no wonder they engineered a victory for the Taliban in Afghanistan (the more I think about it, the more I think that was indeed the goal….)


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