A Memory of Subscriptions

More from Lea Ypi:

I received presents from my parents and we went to eat ice cream by the beach and to visit the funfair. On that occasion, they also gave me a yearly subscription to several children’s magazines. It was through these magazines that I learned about the fate of other children around the world. The magazine Little Stars was for children from six to eight years old, and on Children’s Day it ran a cartoon called “Our 1 June and Theirs.” On one side there was a fat capitalist wearing a fat top hat buying ice cream for his fat son, and on the floor next to the shop’s entrance two ragged children and a caption: “1 June never comes for us.” On the other side, there were Socialist flags, happy children carrying flowers and presents, holding their parents’ hands, waiting to buy ice cream in front of a shop. “We love 1 June,” their caption read.

Lea Ypi, Free

I was also subscribed to a bunch of magazines as a kid. People were forced to get magazine subscriptions at work. There were literary ones, women’s magazines, and children’s magazines. I loved them all. Yes, they were ideological and preachy, but have you seen Teen Vogue?


5 thoughts on “A Memory of Subscriptions

      1. The appeal is to people who like to imagine teenage girls reading about socialism and sex positivity, I guess. Pretty sad, but it’s good to know actual teenagers aren’t reading it lol.


        1. Wait, wait, so…

          OK, at least part of that market is clueless grandparents who just need to buy a gift subscription for some teenage grandkid to get the fundraising people off their backs. It has “teen” in the name, so it must be appropriate. They’ve never read it.

          What you’re suggesting is that a large part of that market is also… what? Older women living in an eternal youth fantasy (i.e. the twilight market)? Creepy older men? Activists?


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