The Next War

Russia is already planning the second Russian-Ukrainian war. It’s scheduled for around 2027. The plan is to learn from the mistakes that caused Russia to lose the current war, regroup, and try again.

When will they stop trying?


If Putin dies and there’s a regime change to some pro-democracy leadership, the next war might be postponed to 2037. But it will still happen.

We need to be realistic about the future.

3 thoughts on “The Next War

  1. I can see that. If the conflict freezes on the current front lines, then Russia has won massively. In international relations, land is always worth more than blood. Why stop these wars if every time you do you war, you get a huge chunk of land?


    1. They will restart the war even they lose completely. They are in a civilizational dead-end, so they’ll keep hitting their heads against the wall at the end of the impasse.


      1. I feel they are still writing the high of the 2000s and quickly eroding all the gains of that period. My hope is at some point it becomes unsustainable regardless of how much they may want to keep going.


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