Bray Instead

Ah, these people are clueless. The quoted script wasn’t written or disseminated by Trump. Trump is accidental to it, and can be easily swapped out at any time.

It’s shocking how incurious many people are. You see these narratives people of different social classes and geographic areas are repeating verbatim. Don’t you wonder where they came from? Who wrote the script? What institution that person represents?

Nah, who cares about all that when you can bray “Truuuuuuump!” like an aroused donkey.


3 thoughts on “Bray Instead

  1. Liked this column :

    Aggression against Ukraine and the Theory of Chaos – opinion

    Bombs are falling on Dnipro, where I was born and grew up. Bombs are falling on Zaporizhzhya, where I have worked for 25 years. Mariupol, where I have worked for 10 years, is destroyed.

    By EDUARD SHYFRIN Published: APRIL 14, 2023 10:44

    There is no excuse for this barbaric aggression against Ukraine.

    The cause of the aggression
    The first cause is V. Putin.

    The second cause is a thousand-year history of authoritarian rule, a reign of fear and terror, in Russia.In my opinion, there is no demand for democracy in today’s Russia and — and there has never been one. During the last three hundred years people who strove for change were consistently and methodically expelled, jailed, executed. The same trend persists today.

    The conclusion (my subjective one) is that the Free World must be ready to deal with authoritarian Russia for the foreseeable future.

    During the war in Korea, many in Washington questioned the American involvement in it. Similar questions are voiced today.

    In his brilliantly written book Wealth, War and Wisdom, Barton Biggs quotes the answer of General MacArthur, who said that the war in Korea decided the fate of the Free World.

    Physics of dictatorships

    I do believe that the laws of physics are applicable to social processes.Democracies have a lot of configurations (states). According to the laws of Thermodynamics, they are highly entropic systems.

    Dictatorships, on the contrary, have a minimal amount of configurations (Nassim Taleb wrote about that); they are low-entropic systems.

    In case highly entropic and low entropic systems have a common boundary (Ukraine-Russia), the only way to preserve the low entropic system is to isolate or quasi-isolate it from the highly entropic system, in our case informationally, and apply continuous work, in our case fear and propaganda.

    Therefore, in my subjective view, the most plausible outcome is a new iron curtain.

    The Theory of Chaos
    Why did I write this article ?Many people say: we cannot change anything. Who are we to make a change?

    At the end of the 19th century, the great French mathematician Henri Poincare discovered the Theory of Chaos.In brief, in chaotic systems, a minuscule difference in the initial state leads to huge and unpredictable differences at the later stages.

    It was best illustrated by the original paper’s title, written in 1972 by Edward Lorenz: “Does the Flap of a Butterfly’s Wings in Brazil set off a Tornado in Texas?”

    I do believe that the Theory of Chaos is applicable to the processes going on in society.

    By writing this post I am making a minuscule difference. A result is not guaranteed.

    Eduard Shyfrin, PhD, is a UK based businessman and the founder of the theory of the Kabbalah of Information.


    1. Absolutely. The only thing that’s going to work is the North Korea / South Korea scenario. Russia must be isolated and left to stew in its idiocy for as long as it wants.


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