No Human Children

Apparently, Bill Gates has never met any human children. This explains a lot.


10 thoughts on “No Human Children

    1. ” said that he benefited more from it more than they did”

      that’s a line frequently used by failed philanthropists….

      “Tech people are mostly proponents of self study because that’s how they learn best”

      And with their autist tendencies and lack of a theory of mind they don’t realize different people do things…. differently.

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      1. Actually, I think they do realize they are different which is why they build stuff for kids like them who would rather have no classes and spend the whole day in the library. Doesn’t mean everyone else has to copy them.


      2. If anything, it’s an argument for education diversity. My eldest is like this, and it’s a big part of why we homeschool– he thrives in an environment where he’s given basic guidance, access to resources, and a great deal of time to pursue learning in his own idiosyncratic way.

        But when we tried the same approach with his younger brother, the child begged for more structure.

        But of course, public schooling is, and always has been, a one-size approach seeking to mass-produce a uniform product. Every type of education, put through that filter, fails because kids aren’t uniform components, and the system is hostile to any kind of flexibility.


        1. “an argument for education diversity”

          I’m all in favor of that.

          “public schooling is, and always has been, a one-size approach”

          public education has always only been secondarily about education and primarily about socialization into fitting into dull routines set by others… which is, let’s face it, the future that awaits most people in adulthood.

          without the training from school they end up unemployable (there is literally no work they can do that justifies the bother of putting up with them and they end up dependent on welfare with all the dysfunction that that brings).

          children of engaged parents who take home schooling seriously need the steady, dull routine of public schooling less… but as the last remnants of public schooling are dismantled the underclass of those who will never find any kind of meaningful existence beyond crime/welfare (cheating) and drugs etc will grow and grow and grow… until they’re the majority in the US…. a wild ride awaits American children who are being provided for educationally now….

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          1. Yeah. It is a bit terrifying peering into the future my kids will inherit. But at the same time… putting them in school isn’t going to help them or the schools. We’ll do the best we can for them, and the rest is… not in our control.


          2. Exactly. There are many MANY people who don’t have another way of getting themselves into a livable daily routine if somebody doesn’t drill it into them.

            To give an example, I spent my whole twenties going to bed at sunrise. Not because I had something to do at night but because I had no idea how to guide myself through a bedtime routine. This is only one example. It’s very hard to imagine if you haven’t been there.


            1. I struggled with this for a very long time as well. School didn’t help with this. Making appointments is really the only thing that has been helpful– just having other people, outside my household, who expect me to be at a particular place and time, prepared for something.


  1. Clarissa, where would one find comments such as the above – well-informed, civilised, witty and to the point – but on your blog? God bless!

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