CNN Masochism

The CNN is actively promoting Trump, and he’s doing fantastic:

It’s strange that the network didn’t at least try to get a serious journalist to interview him. I don’t know who the anxious woman is but she’s the last person who should be doing this interview. The only sexual abuse I’m seeing is what Trump is doing to her onstage.

11 thoughts on “CNN Masochism

  1. CNN news/opinion shows have also started regularly discussing the fact that Biden is rapidly becoming senile (a topic that was once never mentioned on that left-leaning channel) — so apparently CNN bosses have reluctantly decided that they want Trump re-elected.

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    1. “regularly discussing the fact that Biden is rapidly becoming senile”

      Wrong tense. Though he doesn’t actually do that much (still… his administration is carrying out Trumpian policy more effectively than Trump ever did).

      My theory: They’re worried about Biden long term but absolutely don’t want President Harris (because…. seriously? President? Harris?)

      Safer to sit out four years out of power and come back in 2024 after Trump has destroyed the republican party (which will never recover from Trump and opposition to Trump).


      1. “the republican party (which will never recover from Trump and opposition to Trump).”

        Sure it will. The Republican Party has been pronounced dead multiple times since WWII (after Goldwater, after Watergate, etc.) — just like the Democratic Party after McGovern — and has always risen from the grave an election or two later.

        It’s the much-hyped third parties that appear to much fanfare (Remember George Wallace or John Anderson?), and then vanish like a light snowfall on an early spring day.


        1. “Republican Party has been pronounced dead multiple times”

          What do the republicans really have to offer anybody except for tax cuts and culture war issues?

          Do they have anything that actually addresses issues now like mass homelessness or the broken border?


          1. I’ve traveled to several very poor countries but the only place where I saw people emptying their bowels openly in full view of everybody, in broad daylight was the very rich Seattle. I’m walking downtown, I turn around, and see excrement falling out of a naked butt. How is that a normal thing to happen? How does everybody else avoid this happening? I travel a lot and I’ve never seen this absolute degradation anywhere else. How did we get here and how do we get ourselves out of this mess?


            1. “How does everybody else avoid this happening?”

              Of course the addiction and homeless are symptoms of deeper problems… which no political party has any answer for at all…. not even a pretend answer. Democrats don’t seem to think it’s a problem and republicans tut tut but have no strategy for dealing with it…

              One scam I’ve heard of from California (that might also operate in Seattle….) is short term rehab clinics ship in addicts and are paid by the government to treat them…. for a short period of time. When the government money stops coming the imported addict is back on the street to make room for new arrivals….


      2. I think it’s more an issue of them being high on their own supply. The MSM have convinced themselves that Trump is stupid, useless and inept. They forgot that he’s a reality TV star, that he’s extremely comfortable on stage, that he gathers the most enthusiastic rallies since MLK. You don’t send an inexperienced, jerky, no-name bit of fluff with zero acting skills to talk to him. You need somebody with a presence. Somebody who gathered crowds and made them go wild. If you can’t find anybody like that, it’s best to do nothing and not hold the interview.


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