No Fun

Judging by the extremely earnest and dramatically self-righteous reaction to this post both on the left and the right, half of the country has lost its sense of humor:

Because of you, humorless, preachy bores, he’ll win again. The hand-wringing you engage in because of a goofy joke is getting on people’s nerves. Lighten up, you absolute babies, and stop your outrage act.


3 thoughts on “No Fun

  1. The people engaging Trump on whatever social network this is, is so minuscule it’s completely irrelevant. 1.1k replies is kid’s territory.

    It honestly doesn’t make any sense for anybody to be offended or surprised by anything Trump says. He ran that schtick to the ground and normal people are completely desensitized to it. The only people getting offended are those that just liked being offended, and these people deep down must love Trump and are not going to sway anything.

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  2. I agree that the outrage is overblown and that Trump is best ignored. Let him shout into the void. He wants and loves all attention. Why people insist on giving it to him, I don’t know. But I don’t understand what you see as an example of his humor here? To me, this reads like his other poorly worded and poorly punctuated campaign rants. What’s the joke?


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