Cowabunga and WordPress

WordPress always congratulates me whenever I publish a new post. “This is your Xth post. Good job!” or “This is your XXth post. Amazing!” are the messages I get after I submit a new post. The problem is, though, that I post like a maniac. So now poor WordPress is hard-pressed (what a clumsy pun, but I like it) to find fresh words of encouragement for me. This is what it came up Β with after I published my most recent post:

Does anybody even know what “cowabunga” is?

And the funniest thing is that in a second I will press the Publish button for this post, so WordPress will have to come up with something new yet again. I’m afraid that soon it will get so fed up with me that I will get messages saying, “This is your XXXth post. Bitch.” Or, “This is your LCth post. Jerk.”

9 thoughts on “Cowabunga and WordPress”

  1. Damn! 2,335 posts! There’s a book called “The Midnight Disease” that was written by a neuroscientist. In it, she talked about “hypergraphia,” an overwhelming urge to write–so much so, it’s apt to call it reverse writer’s block. Hypergraphic individuals can’t stop themselves from writing–the sensation of their fingers on the keyboard, or the feel of the pen on the pages is almost like a drug.

    I thought of that when I got to the part of your post that mentioned your recent post being your 2,335th post. Keep churning them out, and thanks for this post.


  2. Being a child of the 90s, I associate the word with old episodes of The Simpsons. It was one of Bart Simpson’s catchphrases, along with “Ay Carumba!” and “Eat My Shorts!”
    Though I would wonder what was going through WordPress’ mind if it told you to eat its shorts.


  3. A question: previously you had wordpress for free, without needing invite codes or anything, and now paid to change url?


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