Cows in Burlington

My sister is picking me up at the Burlington airport.

“Where will you be standing?” She asks.
“There is a bright painted cow,” I say. “I will be standing right next to it, so you’ll see us immediately: a blue cow and a peach-colored one.”

7 thoughts on “Cows in Burlington”

  1. i remember seeing the painted cows in Cincinnati when I interviewed there and angels in LA. Seems like a bland form of public art city planners are willing to adopt. Kitsch makes an excellent place to meet a deplaning passenger though.


  2. I love BTV too… And there is a similar cow in a cheese shop at Atwater market in Montreal… But at least there it is logical… πŸ™‚


  3. Drop 150 miles south to Bennington and you will find the same thing; but instead of cows, they have moose. From bland to brilliant in one easy step.

    I am enjoying this blog, Clarissa.


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