Not a Tornado Warning

After being with me in an exclusive, passionate and very close relationship for years, N. finally confessed to me his deeply held secret: he hates his own voice because it isn’t manly enough. Now, I’m deeply convinced that he has the best voice in the world and that it’s extremely manly. This doesn’t, however, change the fact that he suffers because of it.

So he bought a system of exercises that is aimed at helping him “improve” his voice. He locks himself up in his study at regular intervals and asks me not to come in because he is self-conscious.

Yesterday, in the midst of a horrible heat wave, I heard the tornado warning siren. Tornadoes happen very often here, so we are used to the sirens. In case you have never heard them, they make very loud, bellowing, insistent sounds aimed at alerting people of the danger.

So when I heard the tornado warning, I ran to N.’s study. It turns out he was the one making the sounds as part of his voice improvement routine.

Please tell me again about how men don’t suffer from gender stereotypes.

P.S. I am publishing this with N.’s full permission, of course.

12 thoughts on “Not a Tornado Warning”

  1. Awwwww. Poor N. He and Jaime should swap stories, though in her case, her voice isn’t feminine enough for her liking. I hope we can find a good vocal coach for her when the time comes.
    Why can’t partners accept it when you tell them, “No, no, your voice is magnificent, it makes my knees turn into jelly!”


  2. Maybe because of the fear of getting laughed at.
    People (i mean, all of us) have a typical frame for a man or woman which makes it difficult for those who do not fit that frame. And that is very sad and disappointing for them.:-(


  3. This is kinda suprising. I mean it is not the typical insecurity that men supposedly suffer from, isn’t it ?


  4. Yes, indeed, men do suffer from gender stereotypes. Whoever said they didn’t? Men are often castigated for expressing too much (sometimes any) emotion, for expressing their fashion sense, for doing anything which appears too “girlish”.


    1. All true. As to who says men don’t suffer from gender stereotypes, there have been many people like that hanging around this blog. Let’s just wait a little, I’m sure they will materialize.


      1. Ability to materialize and dematerialize, especially within virtual realm of somebody’s blog, is one of those u”ber-masculine abilities I do not possess (and suffer deeply because of that) 🙂 🙂

        More seriously, I also consider my voice not masculine enough. But unlike N., I do nothing about it (although I briefly considered smoking some really bad cigarettes for a while 🙂 ). Maybe I just like to be miserable. Or maybe it does not bother me enough…


  5. I thought nobody liked his or her own voice! I don’t like mine, I think I sound ridiculous when I hear myself! However, my consolation was thinking that it was the same case for everybody else! Am I wrong?


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