And to Conclude the MRA Debacle

To conclude the whole MRA debacle, I wanted to mention to those who are sitting there wondering why they have no personal life that if a single word that the stupid troll Eric said on the rape and child support thread made sense to you, you have your answer. This is why you don’t have a personal life. And you will have none while you keep listening to folks who spout this garbage.

If it’s worth it for you, then good for you.

I’m appalled at that whole thread and at how dense some people keep pretending to be. The MRA club is a place of loneliness and endless resentment. It can never be anything else. And while I feel for you and have compassion to how robbed you are of all happiness, I have no interest in offering you a space on my blog.

Go someplace else, stupid MRAs.

3 thoughts on “And to Conclude the MRA Debacle”

  1. My working definition of an MRA: a man who cares about sexism against men whenever the sufferings of women from sexism / feminism are raised as subjects for discussion.
    If I ever meet anyone calling themselves a “men’s rights activist” who doesn’t fit this description, I’m happy to make an exception, but they’re like hen’s teeth…


  2. How did you go from MRAs to that “stupid troll Eric”? I saw the ugly exchange of words there but Eric did flat out say he was not an MRA. You’re free to insult him I know but how does the silliness of a person who does not ID an as MRA translate into going on about how stupid MRAs are?


  3. I spent a while on MRA forums in the past. Every single “argument” Eric tried to adduce is straight from the MRA arsenal. It’s funny how it never changes a bit. The same tired little spiel of “I’m so victimized because some one else has to pay child support to his kid.”

    So if it walks like an MRA. . .


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