Unnaturally Speedy Sex

I’m annoyed and tried to distract myself by reading my Twitter feed for the first time in months. And this was one of the first bits of wisdom I encountered: “Pornography: a method of unnaturally speeding up human sexuality, the extreme McDonaldization of the human body.” I’m blogging from my phone, which means that quoting from Twitter is hard and the authorship of this bit of idiocy is going to remain shrouded in mystery for us.

Does anybody have any idea what this is supposed to mean?

Twitter is a place where weirdness comes to proliferate.

2 thoughts on “Unnaturally Speedy Sex”

  1. McDonalds: fast food.

    Porn: fast sex. By watching it you can get off faster?!

    Both involve industrial-scale, dehumanizing transformations of human appetites that would thrive better without burgers, fries, or porn.

    That’s my interpretation. By no means am I endorsing this comparison; I am just telling you what the quote is supposed to mean (as far as I can guess).


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