People in Montreal

I keep having this feeling that everybody here in Montreal is staring at me, and it wasn’t that way before. There are two possible reasons for this. Either I have become hopelessly provincial and am imagining this. Or my spectacular beauty has grown so spectacular that people can’t help staring.

I kind of like my second explanation more.

13 thoughts on “People in Montreal”

  1. No, all these men are rapists! Just kidding! 😉

    “Or my spectacular beauty has grown so spectacular that people can’t help staring.”

    Maybe, but I think they’re also pissed off by boring conventional “québécoises de souche” women.


    1. québécois de souche=White people born in Québec, at least.

      Unless some extraordinary exceptions (like some impossible love in my life 😉 ), I don’t like Québécoises de souche very much.

      I’m a fucking anti-Québécois de souche racist! 😉


  2. I look forward to seeing if I get stared at in Montreal if Jaime and I end up moving there. Maybe if I do move there we can walk down the streets together and blind people with our beauty.


  3. Hey maybe I could be staring at you (even If I’m a bit mad at you with what you wrote about London).

    I usually try not to get caught looking at women, wich doesn’t really work.

    I came to realize that they are pretty much all «out of my league» anyway.


  4. I don’t believe in “leagues”, to be honest. All kinds of people get irresistibly drawn to each other. I’m sure you’ll meet your kind of person one day. I believe in you!


  5. If you got a feeling somebody was watching you today at Atwater Market – that was me. Decided against ambushing you, though, as you were with somebody, most likely your sister.


    1. Yes, that was us!! You should have come up to us because I never notice anything around. Visiting Marche Atwater gave me a very rare for me feeling of envy. It’s a cook’s paradise. Why, why can’t I live next to an amazing place like that???

      You people are very fortunate. 🙂 🙂


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