You Can’t Buy Taste

We went driving through the area of Montreal where millionaires are building new houses (it’s Ville St. Laurent next to Bois-Franc). And I just had to take a picture of this house. You can only see the front here because it’s too huge. Please observe the statues coupled with the black lanterns.

I’m loving this, people.

8 thoughts on “You Can’t Buy Taste”

  1. Now it’s my turn to be obtuse – I wonder what the dude is pointing at (perhaps it’s a recreation of a famous statue/painting, but I’m not familiar with it), and while I wouldn’t put any of it on my house, I see nothing visually offensive here.


  2. I really like the pointing statue. It has something.

    Also, I have thought about getting a Napoleon statue for my front lawn, but I am afraid that the garden gnomes would start picking on someone smaller than them.


    1. LOL LOL 🙂

      In this building I was shocked by the contrast between the color + fake Greek statue + fake 19th century lanterns + a dozen security cameras.

      Why not just hire a designer, is my question.

      It’s nice to see how many people are doing well financially in Montreal, of course. The recession barely touched Canada. Good job, Canadians!


  3. As somebody without even pretensions for being a good judge, I would love to see what *is* a tasteful house in your mind. Preferably one from the same area and worth ~ money.


  4. It looks really aesthetically unappealing to me. The statues are overkill and them some, the pointless short and squat columns are ugly, the overall boxy symmetry and color palette do nothing for it, it looks like a derivative smorgasbord of a clichéd architectural references (nouveau Mediterranean villa, Roman home, Italian palazzo, Greek revival, American colonial, California McMansion). And it’s simultaneously ostentatious, new- and expensive looking. It’s so ugly that I don’t mind that I’ll probably never be able to afford to pay its price in my lifetime.

    But yeah, on the other hand, it’s so incredible that there’s a building boom in Montreal nowadays, given what I’m seeing in the U.S.


    1. And it’s also humongous. The entire thing didn’t fit into the picture because it’s so huge. One can get exercise just walking around it.

      I’m dying to find out who will live there.


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