Alabama Brings Civilization Our Way

We were all worried that after Borders went out of business, we wouldn’t have a bookstore in town. However, as I just discovered, a company from Alabama bought the space where the Borders bookstore used to be and we will now have a bookstore once again!

A Birmingham, Ala.-based book store is buying up the Borders bookstore in Edwardsville.

According to the St. Louis Business Journal, book retailer Books-A-Million has received approval from a federal bankruptcy judge to take over the leases of the metro-east book store at 6601 Edwardsville Crossing Drive in Edwardsville and 13 others from the bankrupt chain. The business journal reported that Books-A-Million will pay $934,259 for the properties.

They only chose 14 of the many Borders locales around the country, and ours is one of them. This makes sense since we are a university town with many good readers inhabiting it.

I can’t wait to visit our new local bookstore.

5 thoughts on “Alabama Brings Civilization Our Way”

  1. Can’t remember whether you care about your anonymity or not, but if you do, consider that the town name in your block quote is a good clue.

    Glad to hear bookstores aren’t dead there yet, in any case….


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