What’s With the Drilling?

I’m trying not to read the Republican obsession with drilling everything in sight too psychoanalytically but it isn’t easy. Take the most recent announcement from Bachmann, for example:

Though it received an intense amount of scrutiny and was branded as an “incredible faux pas,” Michele Bachmann’s remark that she wouldn’t be opposed to drilling for oil in the Everglades isn’t going away. In fact, the GOP presidential candidate is going even further with her claims, arguing that only “radical environmentalists” would oppose drilling in the Everglades .

If a person is so dead-set on drilling where there isn’t even any oil to be found, then there has to be some problem there. I remember crowds of Republicans wriggling in ecstasy during the “Drill, baby, drill!” chants of the 2008 elections. That was kind of freaky. Now we seem to be getting yet another dose of that same spiel.

4 thoughts on “What’s With the Drilling?”

  1. I have wondered this as well, and I’m usually the very last person to pick up on sexual innuendoes. So it’s not just you; it really is that blatant.


    1. I hope she keeps alienating the Floridians. It’s a very important state vote-wise (as we all know), so I hope the people of Florida hear this and start suspecting all Republicans of thinking in the direction of torturing the Everglades.


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