Where Do the Canadian Racists Go?

A friend forwarded this article on Martin Luther King, Jr. to me without a comment. When I first started reading it, I thought it was a reprint from a piece written decades ago. Then, I noticed the date and decided it was a parody of a profoundly offensive, racist piece of writing. And then I realized that it was not. This was written in all seriousness yesterday.

There was a dark side to King and it should not be ignored. Its effects continue to plague our society. Contrary to popular myth, the Baptist minister was a hypocrite who consistently failed to uphold his professed Christian standards. His rampant adultery and serial, life-long womanizing revolted even some of his closest associates. Large parts of his doctoral dissertation were plagiarized. He had numerous ties with communists and Soviet sympathizers. Then-FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover knew this, which is why he considered King a “fraud.”

Moreover, King was a radical leftist. He promoted socialism, pacifism and the appeasement of totalitarian communism. He opposed the Vietnam War and even openly supported the Viet Cong and North Vietnam’s Marxist dictator Ho Chi Minh, praising them as anti-imperialists battling Western occupying powers. Yet, these Soviet-backed communists would eventually impose a murderous police state upon the Vietnamese.

And this isn’t even the most racist part of the article. King was to blame for all these things we normally consider part of the legacy of slavery:

King’s socialism also convinced many blacks to adopt welfare liberalism. It transformed them into a permanent Democratic constituency. The results have been disastrous. The nanny state has crippled the black community, undermining self-reliance, entrepreneurship and personal responsibility. It has fostered family breakdown, soaring rates of illegitimacy and trapped millions in a cycle of poverty and urban squalor. King showed blacks the way out from segregation, but he led them to an economic plantation.

So if you see black people living in poverty and squalor, you know whom to blame: MLK.

I researched Jeffrey T. Kuhner, the author of this vile piece of garbage, and discovered, to my horror, that he is from Montreal and even taught history at my alma mater, McGill University, at one time. The same time when I was a student there, actually. Good thing I never enrolled in one of his courses by mistake.

So if you are wondering why Quebec is less racist than the US, now you know. The racists all leave and go to write for the American newspapers.

10 thoughts on “Where Do the Canadian Racists Go?”

  1. Ugh, the Washington Times? I could manure my garden with the contents of that rag.
    It’s also a part of the long arm of the Church of the Moonies, who are ultra right wing and seriously disturbed, so no wonder this was cleared to publish.


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