You Know How I Define Happiness?

After 4 months with the air conditioning on, being able to turn it off, open the windows, and let the cool breeze waft into the room where I’m working.

I had no idea a cool breeze even existed any more.

15 thoughts on “You Know How I Define Happiness?

  1. How hot was there? (In Celcius) In Israel we have ~27-30 and I love summer the most anyway, just like I did in Ukraine. And disike winter, even in Israel.


    1. I only know Celsius, anyways. πŸ™‚ We got to 39-45 without the heat factor. And very nasty humidity, too. I’d kill to have 27-30C in summer.

      Is it really possible that it’s cooler in Israel than here??


      1. I’ve never heard of 39, let alone more. But I don’t live in Negev or Eilat. There it’s hotter, but I don’t believe hotter than you had. Strange. Humidity, however, is big with us too, from the sea.


        1. Montreal gets just as hot in summer, but there, at least, the heat is never unrelieved for weeks or months. A couple of days of heat and then you get a swift change. And then another change and back to the heat. This kind of a climate is deadly for a person with high blood pressure. 😦


  2. During January of 1990 we hit 53 in Recife and I headed to the beach. Whew!! I thought that was hot. Then my son reported that in August of 1999, while he was working on an underwater archaeological project on the Turkish / Syrian border, it hit 58. He was glad he was underwater most of the time. My wife then reported that her typical temperatures in Iraq during the summers was between 54 and 60! Typical!!!


      1. A friend of mine with a PhD in microbiology was asked during orals to comment on entropy. Thankfully, after a minute of trying to come up with something relevant, one of the other committee members stated that the questions should pertain to biology and not physics.


      2. I learnt that I passed these exams on June 21. No re-try! What a great summer for me!

        “I was so exhausted after those”

        Yeah, I feel exhausted but not depressed. So there’s too much blogging and not enough research right now, but the tendency seems to reverse.

        I feel shocked because my decision to try this was taken in the last minute, and I’m still not used to it.


        1. Yay!!!!! Congratulations!! This is a great achievement. People after the comprehensives need to treat themselves like invalids and do no intellectual work.

          We are all proud of you, David.


          1. Thank you! πŸ™‚

            “People after the comprehensives need to treat themselves like invalids and do no intellectual work.”

            At least, my research advanced somewhat until now, but the rythm is too slow right now.


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