Why Hate the Uninsured and the Unemployed?

All of those people who scream “Yeah, let the uninsured die” or who lash in anger against the unemployed are simply terrified of finding themselves in the same situation. They dump on the uninsured and the unemployed in a sad attempt to pretend that distancing themselves verbally from such people will somehow help them escape from the danger of finding themselves in the same place.

“I’m not like them!” they are trying to tell the world. “I’m not one of those lazy, irresponsible layabouts. Please, please, don’t let these bad things happen to me.”

This is why it makes no sense to talk about the current American fascination with Libertarianism in political or economic terms. This phenomenon is purely psychological in nature.

4 thoughts on “Why Hate the Uninsured and the Unemployed?”

    1. Anarcho-Capitalism is the most dumb idea ever, I agree. The unfettered Corporations would simply establish themselves as the Government, official or not.

      I’m actually a fan of leftist libertarianism though, to be honest. I think is was Ralph Miliband who put emphasis on the self-emancipation of the working class. Government should most certainly help and set up economic security nets; but ultimately people have to be self-reliant. Reliance on Government leads to more Stalins and Maos; more Blairs and Thatchers; more Clintons and Regans.


  1. You have to get with the program, Clarissa! We hate the uninsured and unemployed in this country just like we hate the niggers, greasers, gooks, chinks, japs, frogs, dagos, krauts and jews. Hey, I left out the towel heads and camel jockies, but I’m too old to hate new groups; I’ll stick with those I learned to hate in my childhood. It just feels good to know that we are superior to all those lower life forms.

    I posted a long comment on bullying on Spanish Prof’s website a couple days ago. I think it is an integral part of US culture. It certainly is part of our politics. When we are feeling down and lack confidence, a politician can point out a less powerful group to hate and we can all feel better about ourselves. It’s not nice to be racist these days, so hating the uninsured and unemployed is nicer.


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