A Great Post on DSK

Here is a quote from a really great post on DSK:

So, if the sexual relationship was consensual, and without a price, what on earth happened? A corpulent, ugly, squat,  62-year-old white male appears unclothed and half-shaved, with a bulging belly,  from a bathroom in the suite. A young, slim,  black  Moslem woman  becomes so aroused by this sight that she jumps him, and within nine minutes sodomizes him before leaving the apartment. No time to enjoy the afterglow of this momentous encounter. Both of them are out the door within seconds of his ejaculation.

If French voters are prepared to swallow this sorry tale, I have good news for them. I have a few very nice New York bridges for sale at heavily discounted prices. An offer no one should refuse! In a moment of weakness, DSK himself might even buy one. Or perhaps, in a moment of moral failure, he would expect to seduce one from me for  free?

This is the time to leave your ideological position on DSK aside and admire how well this is written. A review of a book by the author of this post is coming soon on Clarissa’s Blog. And if you are about to scream, “This was written by one of those out-of-control feminists!”, go to the blog I got this from and just accept that some things are so obvious that no reasonable person will dispute them.

21 thoughts on “A Great Post on DSK”

  1. I’m against that kind of presumption of culpability. This is a well-written crap.

    “without a price”

    Maybe he didn’t pay the price enough…

    “and within nine minutes sodomizes him before leaving the apartment.”

    Wtf? Where does that come from?


    1. oral sex = sodomy. The concern is how readily the press jumped on the “gold-digging whore” narrative and what it means for women who are in fact raped by rich and powerful men (i.e., that everyone will think they are gold-digging whores). It’s a discursive problem that in this case probably won’t ever see any concrete resolution but the implications are distressing.

      BTW what are your numbers on many women a-ok w/rich powerful men who beat and rape them please give examples.


      1. Oral sex is not sodomy.

        I have no numbers for it, but you have to admit that there are many more women that prefer violent rich men as a sexual preference (or fair enough, mainly to use them as a prostitute tool) them than non-violent poor men.


  2. “A corpulent, ugly, squat, 62-year-old white male appears unclothed and half-shaved, with a bulging belly, from a bathroom in the suite. ”

    He forgot to mention that he’s rich and powerful, which is particulary attractive to women. Moreover, many women have even no problem at all with violent men when they’re rich and powerful.

    So Anne Sinclair is an enforced slave for DSK? That’s what he thinks?


        1. This quote is a perfectly accurate description of zero women I know including the one in the mirror. It might be more accurate if it read “money and power are very attractive for [men and] women [who value money and power above all else].”


          1. Still, they can hardly be sexually attractive. Maybe there are a few people whose sexual fetish is a big wallet and they just stare at it and go “Oooh, ahhh” etc. But something tells me that the number of such people is minimal.


          1. You sound bitter. Anyway how was giving him a blow job immediately upon meeting him going to lead to riches for her? Or are you saying the “power” is so intoxicating it was spontaneous, just for the thrill?

            I agree the quote is hilarious.


  3. First you’ll have to tell me who all these women are that prefer a rich abusive man to a man who might be living paycheck to paycheck but treats her like a human being. I mean I like it if my partner is financially stable and all but you’re really reaching for the moon here.


    1. At least, I know that my position applies to many White Québécois (outside of Montreal women) women. American women and non-white women have the “advantage” of knowing more about the machist police State, it seems…

      “First you’ll have to tell me who all these women are that prefer a rich abusive man to a man who might be living paycheck to paycheck but treats her like a human being.”

      From your own standard, I have two answers for you: Anne Sinclair et Tristane Banon’s mother.


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