Finished Packing!

So in-between teaching,  holding meetings with 2 students, blogging and answering comments, I just packed up my entire office.

I have had to pack and unpack so many times in my life that I have come to hate packing with a passion. But I’m also now very good, fast and effective at it. So I just whizzed through the entire thing in exactly 2,5 hours. It’s truly best to do the unpleasant stuff as fast as possible rather than drag it out.

I’m now really happy with myself.

I have also noticed how adversity and hardship (in my case, having to pack the office) make one kinder to others. I don’t think I’d ever been as nice to my students as I was today. Maybe we should institute a regular packing exercise for all faculty to mellow us out. (This is just a silly joke, in case any of my school’s administrators are reading this.)

4 thoughts on “Finished Packing!”

    1. We are getting new furniture installed in our offices!!! It is very beautiful and I’m extremely excited about it. The computer chair is one I selected specifically for my back and its own shape.

      Of course, we’ll have to be homeless for the next 10 days or so and conduct our office hours in Starbucks, but it’s all worth it. I’ll post the photos of the new office as soon as all gets installed.


  1. I spent around the same time, including trying to back up my computer’s documents to the small space that the university provides us for this cases. Did you remember to do that? Or did I grant you a trip to campus tomorrow?


    1. Oh shit! I forgot to back up the files, even though I brought an external flash drive for that purpose. Oh well. I guess I’ll do that on Monday.

      You and I are lucky because we haven’t been there that long. Imagine how much stuff people have accumulated after 10 years in their offices. Especially the ones who are more hard-working than I am. 🙂


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